Natural Light in the Bathroom

In my previous post about windows in Fantasy Bathrooms, I brought forward fantasy designs for romantic bathrooms, the kind you can see in luxury resorts, where the entire unit is often lifted above the humdrum of daily life. Literally, it is secluded either by means of some serious fencing, or sometimes, by landscape features be them elevation or the ocean.

But what about our homes? As much as we’d love to have one of those magnificent sunlight flooded bathrooms, in your regular urban environment, there are some very serious privacy concerns.

Here are some tips and ideas on achieving the sunlight effect, without compromising your privacy and safety –

1. Fence in even just a portion of your backyard, to create a small garden that is only accessible from a door going out of your bathroom area. That would mean going in and out that door to maintain your little patch of heaven, but also that while you’re taking your bath, no one else can suddenly show up there.

2. Use the second floor for your fantasy bath area. This won’t work in any situation, but if you’re lucky enough, getting up above street level may mean your bathroom exterior has no direct lines of vision to any other place where people may be walking by.

3. Frosted glass windows are a great way to let sunlight in while keeping your bathroom private. Go big with these, and you should be able to get some color through as well.

4. Window treatments can be a great way to carefully control the amount of light and visibility. You can even try blinds that allow you to reveal the top part of the window, keeping the tub itself more secluded.

5. Skylights – if you can’t bring the room up, just keep the windows up at the top. While you may miss out on the views, you’ll still get a lot of sunlight and retain your privacy.

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