Beanbag Summer Butterfly

HABA has done it again. This German company has made a beautiful soft, colorful, decor item that’s sure to become the focal point for your nursery or child’s room decor.  The Butterflies’ wings are quilted applique, and free to actually flap when your toddler grabs them. The beautiful sky blue back ground is quilted with flower patterns, and the different sized and colored butterflies become a symphony of cheerful beauty. What could be more fun to snuggle into and sit on, than this soft and whimsical bean bag?

Parents will appreciate furniture like this, because there is nothing hard or pointy to step on, run your shins into, or worry about your baby banging her/his head on. All furniture should feel this good, and be so easy to live with! When you want to clean under it, it is easy to lift and move. The bean bag is very light, as it is stuffed with polystyrene balls. In order to protect the environment, you can order the empty outer cover, and replace the inner sack with a stuffing that does no harm, like buck wheat hulls. The outer cover is removable and washable.

This bean bag looks great together with the mobile and other HABA decor items.

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