Fabric Wall Shelf

Look at this lovely fabric covered shelf–what a beautiful, eye catching focal piece for your little one’s room! The colors are lovely, and the design matches many other items made by HABA, in their Mia collection.

The shelf is sturdy due to stiff plastic backing, and it has loops for wall attachment. You’ll have a convenient place to put your diapers, ointment, and wipes. Just hang this shelf by your changing table, and it will always be within your reach. The dangling leaves are fun for your baby to watch flutter in the breeze, and the soft material is just the right color combo to make any room decor more cheerful.

Alternatively. you can put a couple of standing photo frames on either side of the flower, perfect for displaying photos of newborn twins.  Do you need a handy place to put the baby’s pacifier and bottle so that you don’t have to hunt for them? Hang this shelf on the wall next to the crib, and those things will always be in reach when you need them.

Since there are a few small parts, it is recommended that you keep this shelf out of your baby’s reach until s/he is three years old.

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