Swinging Tent Solemio

They thought of everything! HABA brings you the indoor swinging tent.

Kids like to hide and feel like they have their own space; they also like to swing, and to feel soothing motion when they rest. Here they have that all in one creative decor item. Lift the flap to crawl inside, and let the make believe begin! The soft fabric tent attaches to the ceiling with included hardware so that it can swing freely. Your child’s friends will all want to come over to play when they see this whimsical masterpiece.

The colors are beautiful and the designs lovely. Flower vines and butterflies adorn the tent in applique, and the green and blue back ground brings the grandeur of the natural world into your little tykes room.

The tent swing can support up to 80 pounds safely. It is recommended that parental supervision be used for children under age three, but from three on up, this will keep them busy and out of your hair.

For a complete and cohesive decor theme, add other items by Haba, like the bean bag chairs that match the design on the tent swing, or the fabric shelves, or the blossom and butterfly mobile.

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