Solemio Wind Flowers

Here’s a great idea for city dwellers! If your nursery window faces something ugly, like the wall of a neighboring building, and you can’t really grow your own window box garden, because the weather or time won’t permit it, you can use these lovely wind flowers to create a beautiful colorful view that dances in the breezes and requires no care. The windflowers are made of plastic, so you won’t need to worry about the weather, and the rods will insert into a window box or any potted plant base. They remain erect and upright, so your precious little bundle of joy will always be able to see them when s/he looks at the window.

The colors are so cheerful and the shapes so delightful, that gazing at the wind flowers will encourage happy thoughts and sweet dreams.

Check out the rest of the HABA decor items for your baby’s room. They are gorgeous, and will easily match these wind flowers to create a unified decor theme for your nursery. Why not combine them with the Mia line bean bag and fabric wall shelf ? There are mobiles with the butterflies and mobiles with the blossoms, all done in soft cloth. Your baby’s room will be a delightful environment to grow in.

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