Carl Caterpillar Organizer

What a great idea for nursery room decor! There are so many odds and ends that need to be kept handy , yet off the floor and other surfaces. This fabulous storage caterpillar will keep you organized and everything with in your reach when you need to access it quickly with one hand. Your furniture will be clear of clutter and easy to clean. You won’t trod on bits and pieces of things in the dark when you’re half asleep, because it will always be up out of your way. This makes vacuuming easy and quick, too. No more horrid sounds from suck up pacifiers.

It’s ingenious really. We should all have rows of pockets on our walls to keep clutter at bay. This caterpillar is particularly fun because of the wonderful colors and prints, and the clown like happy face. Nurseries will look cheerful, colorful, and creative when you use this caterpillar as a focal point. The colors are so varied, you’ll have no trouble blending the organizer with your other decor items. What ever color they are will be sure to pick up on one of the colors in the caterpillar.

This is so handy and fun, it makes a great gift.

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