Flower Garland

This is a lovely decor idea. Take this 69 inch garland of soft fabric flowers on a soft fabric leafy vine, and drape it over a window frame or door frame; wind it around the back of a chair, or up the leg of a table. Get four and wind each one around the posts of a four poster bed. They are so affordable, you can buy as many as you like and do the whole room! The wonderful quality of cloth makes the decor immanently touchable and inviting. The greenery and symphony of colorful flowers are a wonderful way to bring the beauty of a country garden into your baby or child’s room. The joyful ambiance will sooth you, and the pallet of color will pop out at you as you enter the room.

Even if the room was previously painted all in white, it will look tastefully and plentifully decorated when you use these flower garlands. Try a green bamboo wood floor, or a green carpet to maintain the illusion of a mother nature taking over the room, and the vines will look right at home, as if they grew out of the “vegetation” on the floor.  Add a few fairies, or butterflies, and voila! An enchanted idyllic world welcomes your child.

This makes a great gift.

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