Rose Fairy Shelf with Folding Boxes

Here’s the ultimate in beautiful furniture to delight your little one. The cloth rose, buds, and leaves on winding vines are such a lovely touch added to this set of two drawers and two shelves. Look at the pretty color combo and the well placed use of prints and solids. This is a design masterpiece that will make any room look beautiful. The perfect accent piece for a simple room, or the ideal companion for the wealth of baby and children’s room decor items made by HABA, with German quality manufacturing.

The set includes the two folding fabric drawers which measure 36 inches by 29 inches by 26 inches. The structure is built from birch plywood, beech wood, and the fabric is cotton and polyester. The whole thing stands 47 inches tall, is 16 inches wide and 16 inches deep.

The color scheme is bright and cheerful with out being garish. The lime green and rosy pink combination is reminiscent of a garden in the spring time, when new growth buds and stretches upward, just like your Bundle of Joy. The touch of sky blue is the perfect accent to give it all the optimism of a clear sky on a perfect day.

You’ll want one of these for your own room!

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