Magnolia Window Film by Artscape

The Magnolia design window film by Artscape is the best solution for your budget. Create the elegant beauty of stained glass, without staining your wallet, or altering your windows themselves. This is absolutely lovely, and will remove the need for drapes.

Here you have a 24 by 36 inch panel that repeats its design like wall paper so that you can add panels on top, bottom, left, and right, as one seamless design. It can be trimmed to fit any shape and repeated to fit any size. The film is self adhering without the use of adhesives, so even after years in place you can just peel it off with no residue or damage.

The film is translucent, but not transparent. Like stained glass, it provides privacy while allowing light to enter. The cheerful soothing colors will improve the look of any window, and give you something to hide behind in the shower, at your front door, or anywhere you’d like to enjoy the feel of looking out at nature with sunlight streaming through petals.

The film filters out UV rays, and will not fall apart in heat, cold, or steam.

The design itself is so pretty, it provides the perfect solution for windows that look out onto ugly views. With this film, there could be a junk yard outside your window, and you’d never know it. Instant country garden! Excellent decor idea.

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