Redi White Fan Shaped Window Shade for Arch

The white shade is shaped like a paper fan and will create an elegant understated look that will not dominate the room. It will add atmosphere and an Asian flavor without demanding attention. The pleats are a perfect way to add texture in a white on white decor theme, and therefore avoid the flat look you get when a monochrome room lacks texture.

This 36 by 72 inches window shade is so easy to install, you can stick it on instantly when you need privacy or to block the light. The shade can be trimmed down to fit even a window that is 36 inches wide, or left as is for a window that is 72 inches wide. It comes with a self adhesive holder for windowsill mounting, and can be installed in seconds. The shade is made of durable paper, and can be easily removed. This is an economical way to shade a half circle shaped window.

Here’s a suggestion: Use this fan shaped shade on the window, and then add a few Asian accent pieces around the room. Try a Japanese theme, with an iron tea pot and Raku glazed ceramic cups. Add a floral arrangement of cherry blossoms on long thin branches, and throw in a white porcelain Neko cat for luck.

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