Micro-Velvet Curtain

Here is a great way to add luxury while keeping the room’s temperature stable. Velvet curtains feel so soft with their plush pile, and they add a sense romance to the room. If you enjoy the finer things in life, consider velvet curtains.

As you can see from the picture, they do not darken the mood of the room, even though they do block the light. This makes them ideal for bedrooms and living-rooms where you watch movies. They would also be fantastic on a canopy bed, especially if you are going for the fairy princes with privacy decor in light pink, or the sophisticated couple in sage green, or the “on fire” love nest in hot pink.

The white velvet would be a perfect way to add texture to a white on white decor theme. Adding texture is important in a monochrome room, as it prevents the room from looking flat and lifeless.

The curtains measure 58 by 84 inches, and they have a nicely tailored pocket to slide the hanging rod through, providing a  clean finished look.

Here’s an idea for the ultimate romantic room: Combine the light pink and sage green velvet curtains, and fill the room with pink flowers on green stems. You will want to write ballads in this room!

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