Bamboo Window Film by Artscape

This is a wonderful design idea. The clean lines and serenity of bamboo are elegant and beautiful without being gaudy. The color is perfect for rooms featuring a sand colored pallet. Blond wood looks right at home with this window decor.

Window film by art-scape self adheres without adhesives, so it can be easily removed even after years insitu. The white background and golden bamboo are translucent but not transparent, so they allow the room to be bathed in beautiful muted natural light, while providing privacy. The design is visible from both sides, so you enjoy the look of stained glass in more than one location. The pattern repeats like wallpaper, so you can add panels top, bottom, left, or right, and it and can be trimmed to fit your window size and shape.

Bamboo is a powerful Feng Shui remedy, so using this window film could raise the positive “Chi” (vital energy) in the rooms, home, office, clinic, or studio where it is used. It also makes a good privacy screen for a glass shower, as the wood energy helps to balance the excess water energy and compensate for the drains.

Even if you simply enjoy the Asian Aesthetic, and appreciate the peaceful and relaxing feeling you get with the Japanese decor , you’ll be glad you chose this window film instead of curtains.

The film filters out UV radiation, and stands up well to heat, cold, humidity, and steam.

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