Black Tab-Top Curtain From Casual Home

Here’s a cool decor idea, go black. The drama and elegance of a mat black curtain can be stunning in the right place. Imagine a Gothic style bedroom where you can truly darken the room and sleep in the daytime. Hung on a rod like the one in the photo, this makes a very beautiful yet clean line, and the aged silver colored metal is the perfect accent.

Now picture an ultra modern dining room with Japanese Raku pottery or sushi plates, and a black porcelain Neko cat for good luck. The table is set with a row of transparent slender vases featuring single stemmed red flowers. Your guests are amazed and impressed by your sense of style and sophistication… this fantasy? Make it come true with this daring black curtain.

What if you need two layers of curtains, one as a blind, and the other as a decoration? Layer this tab top black curtain behind your decorative curtain, and viola! You can gut the glare in the living room so your movie images are sharper, and yet keep the decor coordinated. This curtain is very practical and versatile.

The curtain measures 95/96 inches, and is made of cotton fabric that is machine washable.

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