Magnetic Blinds

This is a helpful innovation. Say you have a steel door with a window in it, like many folks do. You want a tamper-proof door that will protect you from burglary. You also want to be able to see who’s on the other side of it, without allowing them to spy on you inside. How will you attach blinds to the window frame? It’s not as if you can just whack a nail through steel. Your screw driver won’t get you too far either. Do you break down and beg the neighbor with all the power tools for help? That won’t be necessary, because you have a better option.

These blinds attach the the frame using powerful magnets. Forget about buying a special bit for your drill. This just snaps together instantly. No costly instilation fees, or the need to owe anyone a favor, you did it yourself in 3 seconds.

The blinds are durable aluminum, and come in a half or full size, to suit your window. The half blind measures 25 inches by 40 inches. The Full blind measures 25 inches by 68 inches.

Now you can peek out when you want to, and block prying eyes when you want privacy.

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