Premium Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

Here’s a great idea for saving money and getting better sleep. Thermal curtains insulate your windows so you spend much less on heating and cooling your home. They also block 99 percent of the light, so you can really sleep deeply enough to produce life saving melatonin. This is perfect for shift workers, napping babies, and anyone who wants to see a sharper image when watching movies.

The nice thing about these thermal curtains, is that they are soft and drapery, not stiff like some others are.

They are available in black, chocolate, burgundy, beige, navy, and dark olive. The curtains measure 104 inches by 84 inches, panel: 52 inches by 84 inches. There are 6 grommets per panel, each 1.6 inches in diameter.

How do you create decor around such a large block of solid color? That’s easy, just employ symmetry and texture. The window becomes a focal point, so you put matching furniture on either side of it. For instance, matching dressers in a bed room, or matching console tables in a parlor. Place matching frames on the walls on either side of the window, and display a pair of pictures done in the same color pallet and of the same style.

An example would be amber monochrome photography of relatives, in wooden frames, placed over antique console tables with long narrow legs to contrast with the solid block of chocolate colored drapes in the middle. Then on the console tables place taupe colored items that have a variety of textures. This will contrast with the curtains even as the taupe combines with them harmoniously.

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