Hotel Stripe Insulated Thermal Blackout Window Shade

Here’s a great way to insulate your home without making it feel dark and heavy. You’ll save lots of money on your electric bill with this attractive thermal shade to keep the air-conditioned or heated air from escaping, and to keep either the summer heat or the winter cold out. Unlike some thermal shades, this company makes them soft and drapey.

This shade comes in sky blue, chocolate, burgundy, beige,  and gold, all with the attractive hotel stripes, for a classy look. As you can see from the photo, the affect can be very light and not at all overbearing, and yet when drawn, the shade blocks 99% of the light.

This is perfect for people who work on a computer and need to cut the glare, as well as children’s rooms where napping needs to happen in the day time.

The way the shade gathers and ties up is also very attractive. The shade has a pocket to slide the rod through, and measures 63 inches by 42 inches. Thermal curtains by Best Home Fashion are machine washable. You’ll love the convenience.

This vertical striped pattern would go well with a lot of old fashioned lace, reminiscent of the combined fabrics used to make old-fashioned striped dresses that had lace petticoats peeking out from underneath.

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