Bamboo Roll Up Window Blinds Shades

Excellent! Not only do you get the beauty of bamboo blinds, with their warm tasteful color and texture, and their understated elegance; you also get the beauty of a traditional Chinese brush and ink painting of bamboo on the shade, which turns your closed window into a portal to a lovely forest or garden. Perfect combination!

From the point of view of a Feng shui consultant, this is an impeccable choice. The bamboo material and image will enhance your positive “Chi” (vital energy) and cure “Sha Chi” (negative energy), as bamboo is very auspicious and said to have magic properties that aide in healing.

Even if you simply like the way it looks, you’ll enjoy the peaceful serene feeling you get with this image.

The first thing your guests will notice is your good taste and your sophistication. Not only are these beautiful, they also help the environment. Bamboo is a quickly renewable resource, not requiring pesticides.

This blind would look lovely in a room with bamboo or rattan furniture, and bamboo wood floors.

The blind is even available in a variety of sizes: 2 ft, 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, or 6 ft wide.

This makes a great house warming gift!

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