Ivy Lace, White Country Cottage Cotton Tab Top Curtain Panel

Are you designing a white or cream color decor theme? The trick is to layer the room with texture, and then keep the lighting soft, both of which will prevent the color from seeming flat and lifeless. Here’s a great start. These curtains are the perfect touch. They will add romance, subtle opulence, and and an antique look like no other. You’ll feel like a noble.

Ivy lace and vine scrolls are hand printed by artisans with wooden blocks, creating a cream on ivory background, two toned, textured look. Made of lovely voile cotton gossamer, the sheer fabric is translucent, and creates an ethereal yet warm light to bathe the room. It also allows you privacy, as it is not transparent.

The curtain measures 84 inches by 46 inches and has a tab top hanging array. It comes with a matching tie back, in case you want to gather it to the side in a sweeping draped fashion.

Continue the theme by adding throw pillows with textured white and cream colored fabrics. Green plants make a good color accent in such a room, because the leaf pattern on the curtain print will be echoed in the form of such plants as the Wandering Jew, which incidentally loves the diffused light, provided by the curtain.

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