Rice Paper Sidelights Window Film

Look closely at this window film by Artscape. It looks just like rice paper, doesn’t it? Great detail! This is perfect for creating the look of a traditional Japanese Shoji screen. If you have a series of small square framed windows, or long panel shaped windows, this rice paper design will transform them to look just like the real thing.

The company makes this window film in long narrow strips, but you can merge them seamlessly like wall paper to cover larger areas, and trim them down to fit your window size and shape exactly.  The film is self- adhering without the use of adhesives, so you can take it off easily, without damage or mess, even after years of use. The film filters out UV rays, and is not harmed by heat, cold, steam, or humidity.

You get the benefit of a translucent material that is not transparent. Your window will still let the light in, while giving you privacy.

The Shoji screen design instantly gives your room an understated look of elegant sophistication, and the clean lines that inspire tranquility and peace in your home or office. This would be perfect for a studio or meditation center as well. We should all be so lucky as to have such a serene environment to live in.

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