Cotton Canvas Roman Shade Adjustable Blinds

What if you like the calming effect of horizontal lines, but you can’t stand cleaning Venetian blinds? Here is a great solution. The Roman blind is not a dust trap like the slotted Venetian blind, and is more durable, with no rotating, and nothing to get bent. Cotton canvas and wood are a practical pair. They are also an attractive pair. This blind comes in seven colors to match your decor. The lighter shades, like this one in the photo, are translucent, while the darker shades are opaque. All provide privacy.

This design is versatile. You can include this shade in a Japanese style room, as it reminds one of a Shoji screen, but the blind will look equally at home with a rustic country decor, an ultra modern decor, or a beach home with models of sailing ships. You can even work them into a children’s room decor. They are not overly busy looking, and will help create a restful sleeping environment.

The great thing about this brand is that they come in five sizes to fit your windows.  If you have several in one room, they look good because the horizontal lines at the same height lend continuity, and subconsciously create the sense of looking out over a great distance. being able to retract them as much as you like, allows for you to reveal as much of the window as you prefer at any given time. In this way, you can cut the glare from the sun while allowing a breeze to enter.

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