Ceiling Fan with Cloth Blades

Are you into nautical themed decor? You’ll love this unit. The nautical style light and sail style blades will make you feel as if you are out at sea enjoying the fresh breeze by the light of your vessel’s lantern. The beauty of the design is both aesthetic and functional.

Whether you buy it because it has a lifetime warranty, or because you like the way it looks, this is an excellent choice for a light and fan.  The quality is superb. The aluminum and stainless steel is guaranteed not to rust, so you can use it either indoors or out side. The UL rated high performance Whisper Wind motor is reliable and quiet. The AVT hanging system was engineered to prevent it from wobbling, and there are 2 mounting positions optional. No wonder Sanibel guarantees their work, they’ve built up their expertise during 116 years of fan making.

The blades are made of decorative sailcloth and are washable. The light requires only one 60 watt bulb.

The nice thing about this fan and light, is that it doesn’t have the dark heavy feeling that most ceiling fans have. Your room won’t feel smaller as a result of this addition. The off-white sailcloth design keeps the space feeling light and airy.

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