Pair of Himalayan Salt Table Lamps

Here’s an excellent idea for decor that helps your Feng Shui. This gorgeous glowing decor accent piece is made from real slabs of natural salt crystals, and hand carved to preserve the beauty of the crystal’s color. No two are exactly alike, so you can make a row of them, without the arrangement looking fake.

Since Salt crystals are of the earth element, this Feng Shui cure would be perfect to place in the center of your home or clinic in order to promote health by raising the Chi (vital force) in your health zone.

Imagine lighting a hall way, or a child’s bedroom with these as night lights. If you have a favorite meditation corner or room, these salt crystal lamps will make you feel as if you are perched atop one of the Himalayan peaks, drawing strength from the Earth, and give you a focal point to help calm and still your mind.

These also make romantic dining room lights, and promote amourous feelings with their soft colored glow.

Each lamp comes with a 6 foot power cord that is UL listed, and has an on-off switch, polarized plug, and a 15 W bulb.

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