Good Earth Clear Rope Lighting

Here’s a neat way to outline a window, archway, ramp, or pillar. Look around your home. What is the most interestingly shaped design feature? Would it look beautiful if it were outlined in the dark by tiny white lights?

Try running this tube lighting along the lines you wish to accentuate. This would be especially pretty along the arch of a bridge in a garden pond, or overhead along archways in the room’s architecture. An atrium lit this way would be especially pleasing, as would the ceiling of a dining room. You’d feel as if you were picnicing under the stars.

This clear PVC tubing encases small light bulbs that are built in. The light bulbs last for 35,000 hours, and the diameter of the tubing is only 3/8 of an inch. This means it is easily used in places where you would trip over something larger that protrudes farther. That’s why it is often used to light walk ways in gardens, or steps in theaters and restaurants.

The rope comes in different lengths, although the one shown here is a close up view of part of the shortest (6 foot) model. They can be attached end to end to make a long continuous strand.

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