Lamp Bouquet with Five lights

This is a sweet way to make your lighting feel more organic. The 67 inch tall lamp has five colored heads arranged like a bouquet of flowers, or a tree. The whimsical arrangement makes a good focal piece for a rooms decor, and blends well with other garden themed decor. You could even go for a retro themed look with this lamp, while not succumbing to cheesy stereotypes.

Having light thrown in multiple directions can be very useful, as well as beautiful. This would make sense if more than on person in the room needed additional lighting to work by. It is also a pretty piece of art in its own right.Can you see this in your living room, where you entertain guests?

The lamp uses 40 W bulbs.

Can you imagine this lamp at the end of a hallway? Try to picture it in your dining room, solving the need for a soft lighting scheme with its colorful array. Does your bathroom need something special to make it feel more soothing?  How about the kid’s room? Could they use the light for reading while they sit on separate bean bags, or at separate desks?

In which ever way you chose to use it, this lamp will improve the look of the room.

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