Cherry and Black Computer Desk

The Bush Stanford Computer Desk brings an antique touch, blended with the deepest contemporary natural wood colors of Cherry into the home with a gentle and simple design. The lower front drawer allows the stack to be hidden while the elegant and rich cherrywood top hosts the keyboard and screen itself.

Elegant, simple yet still nice to look at, this computer desk allows functionality to blend with beauty. There are few things which can be quite as jarring as the ultimate messes which a rangy tangle of wires and computer paraphernalia can present to a room. This unit gives the possibility of containing the mess in a tidy yet still-attractive fashion. With drawers for storage and retrieval of paper work and additional accouterments of computing, the essence of a neat and reasonably tidy home can be heightened and even accented by a beautiful computer desk. In this case, the rich wood texture and the deep black coloring of the desk itself combine to make a very sensible remark all on their own.

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