Appliques – Cherry Blossom “Peel and Stick”

The RoomMates Cherry Blossom Peel and Stick Appliques are removable, repositionable and reusable wall stickers which can offer an extremely understated, artistic aspect to any room. It can also enliven a kid’s room or game room with riotous effects, by using any of the numerous other applique designs. The Cherry Blossom motif shown here is the “artistic” portion. Understated and elegant, it adds dimension and art to any wall.

Applied by almost anyone – one can stretch the distances between the matching pre-designed arrangement or tighten them at will. Repositioning the small articles can yield effects with which one can surprise oneself.

Naturally, there are an abundant list of other themes, but this Cherry Blossom theme does indeed stand out as a gentle but arresting work. Beautiful and appealing to the eye with its softer effects, this gorgeous arrangement also comes in a variety of colors and styles – Asian and Japanese themes especially, but also some kinds of country decor. What a great way to impart one’s own significant artistic impact inside the rooms of any home.

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