Moveable Kitchen Cart

Cross Country Furniture’s Contemporary Kitchen Cart With Drop Leaves can reduce kitchen clutter and provide another surface to do kitchen prep, cutting, storing utensils and the rest in a completely portable and attractive way. Easy to send to an appropriate corner, nice to look at on its own and about as handy as any kitchen gadget known to man, this actual piece of kitchen furniture strikes the right tone for those who have a need for either cabinet space or a desire to work on a patio in the air or just for a radical change in food preparation. This very practical contemporary kitchen cart has two drop leaves, one on each side, a working drawer providing storage for utensils. Dishes, pots, or glasses can be conveniently stored in the cabinet within the two lower doors. This solid wood kitchen cart is the perfect mobile cart for any kitchen and can be easily moved when needed with the smart and functional casters. This is an impressive and revolutionary step for many of us who desire room or simply a different method of storage and preparation.

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