Swagman Bike Hanger

Swagman Hang It Bike Hanger offers a solution to the one place where the constant accumulation of our toys, tools and general goods sees the results of time and acquisition in terms of “Pure Mess”. It can be easy to overlook the huge role organizing plays in a gorgeous living environment and this item secures one small island of organization dealing with bicycles and how to find a place for them where they won’t get manhandled and knocked around as well as providing some room for all of our other stuff. Durable and simple, this simple, sturdy indoor bike storage system accommodates two bikes of varying sizes. It can be set at maximum of nine feet to secure to floor and ceiling to provide perfect storage placement. The hooks are height-adjustable, offering yet more flexibility of storage and it has the most easy setup and take-down process as is imaginable. This item is for real believers in the security of bikes as well as in a process that allows one to find room freed up for other storage.

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