La Crosse Technology Wood Atomic Analog Clock

La Crosse Technology WT-3122A 12 1/2-Inch Wood Atomic Analog Clock is a 12-1/2-inch wall clock with automatic setting to the U.S. Atomic Clock. The clock is equipped with a receiver that picks up signals from the U.S. Atomic Clock, automatically setting itself to exact time accurate to the second. A manual override setting lets you set date and time yourself for areas where Daylight Savings Time doesn’t apply. The clock comes with 4 time zone settings. Easy to operate, the clock requires just one “AA” alkaline battery. Its classic wood frame with white dial face dresses up any room. It’s so simple in design that the wondrous technology that makes it always “on time” seems almost shocking. This is a great clock.

For more on this fascinating product and for user reviews, click here.

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