Bring Spring In – Floral Pillows

Now that we have put eggs, bunnies and chocolate behind us, it’s time to look at how we can bring in some of that sweet floral spring atmosphere into our homes. Actual flowers are one great option, of course, or you could be get more creative and go for floral motifs in design items that will add a carefree touch to your home, and will actually be care-free (no trimming or watering required, that is).

Today, we’ll start with the easy and fun stuff – pillows! Pillows are an inexpensive way to add a new touch to your living room or bedroom. Match the color to your current theme and add one of these flowery fabrics to introduce a touch of spring. Click on any of the images to get to the product page on Amazon –

Designer Janie Gross has a popular line of floral cushions. You can pick out of five gorgeous colors and buy one, two or all five for a beautiful spring set. Make sure you use the color changer there to check out the Hibiscus Purple, Red Zinnia, Cupid’s Dart, Cosmos Coral and the Orchid!

If you’re not looking for a set, or actually if you’re feeling creative enough to make a set out of these designs, Brentwood offers a selection of lovely floral pillows, all equally inexpensive. Here are a few examples. There are more here – just keep in mind these are in high demand and some are out of stock:

Some of these are actually durable enough to be used outdoors (check manufacturer’s care instructions). Don’t be fooled by the price – they’re good quality:


If you really want to go flower crazy with your spring decor (and why shouldn’t you? after all nature does!), try these on for size. Instead of floral prints, you get huge flower fabric sculptures. With the right setup and choice of colors, these can make your living room bloom.

This rose pillow is available in four different colors –

These beauties come in pairs, as do these:

Last, but not least, Eva’s Flower Garden offers you no less than 14 different colors and hues to choose from, all in the shape of this beautiful rose:

Lots of options out there, affordable and accessible, so there’s no excuse not to bring Spring Flowers into your living room!



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