Fire Breathing Candle Holder – Bring A Dragon Into Your Home

You don’t have to be Khaleesi to bring dragons into your life. Majestic real dragons can enter your home and be part of your life if you just say the magic words…

Ok, no magic words and the dragons won’t be live ones but here’s a selection of breathtaking dragons that can be a very real part of your home decor. Dragons can be a wonderful theme for one room or more and no, I’m not talking about kids’ rooms either, though if your kid is old enough (so as not to be scared of these beautiful monsters) and a fan of fantasy Tolkien-like fiction, a dragon-themed teen room is definitely an option.

Dragons can be intimidating for some people. Large reptiles, winged or not, are not to everyone’s taste. The key to bringing in dragons into your home is deciding just how much would be too much. The following items are suggestions which you can use as sparingly – or as liberally – as you wish!

If you just want an occasional touch of dragon breath, this splendid candle holder is just the thing.

dragon candle holder

You can leave it on display on your mantle, or keep it out of sight only to pull it out when you need that “gothic touch”. Light up the candle and it looks as if your dragon is torching the miniature castle next to it. Perfect for a cozy night in when you want to create a medieval gothic feel!

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