You Should Be Framed

Or rather, your life should be. And put on display. For you.

Good memories, forever preserved in photographs, are like a fountain of positive thoughts and vibes. Keep them visible, to drink up on that positivity whenever you can. I particularly like picture collages, a great way to bring together pictures, of different people or various periods in your life, in a unified theme. It’s a way to add a definite decorative value to your “good vibes” corner.

Collages can be created either by using a single collage-style, the kind that has room for a dozen pictures or so, or by working out your own setup using a set of frames of the same, or similar styles.

Here are some frame sets you can get and use. These are very affordable – click on the image to get to the product page for current prices on Amazon –

Beautiful set of seven walnut frames

Or look at this classic set of capri frames –

With ten frames, of various sizes, you can really get creative with your design

If you want to avoid too many nail holes, or just prefer to let someone else design the layout, you can opt for any of these special collage frames –

Classic Design, in oak

For a more modern, bold design, try this in black –

Click for this Malden Home Profiles Puzzle Collage Picture Frame

Or, for a brighter modern design, give this one a try –

Click for the Capri Wood 18-Inch by 24-Inch Napa Collage Frame in white

And finally, for a different look and feel, why not try this metal collage frame –

Click for the Leaf/vine Metal Scrollwork Collage Frame

That’s it for today – let me know which ones are your favorites. If you have any pictures of unique collage layouts you have at home, please do share!

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