Frames – Not Just for Walls

In my previous post, about frames for your favorite pictures, I covered the two ways to create a collage of pictures on your wall, either using a set of separate frames or a special collage frame.

Actually, pictures don’t have to be limited to walls. You can place your collection elsewhere too, using unique collage “frames” that are almost kinetic sculptures in their own right. It’s like mixing your favorite memories with some Feng Shui.

Here are some very pretty options –

Brilliant in its simplicity, you could utilize this mobile in so many ways. Hanging pictures, is just one of them. Click here to learn more about this nifty gadget.

For a more complex form, you can try this contraption here, a desktop “spider” that again, can be utilized for more than just pictures –

More about these products here

They don’t have to be mobile though. You can also just use various devices, decorative items that can make wonderful additions to your themed room decor. Here are some ideas –

Fishing Pole “frame”

For a sports or football themed room

For a western/country themed room

Hope you found some inspiration here – go out there and incorporate your favorite family pictures into your home decor.

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