Dolphin-Themed Home Decor

Everybody loves dolphins.

Dolphins are graceful and especially so when in movement. In ancient marine cultures, dolphins were well recognized as extremely intelligent and were considered to hold a divine affinity. As such, they are decorative elements in many cultures, and can add a unique flare to your home.

Images and sculptures of dolphins in movement are uplifting and even meditative. Here are a few items you may want to check – together or as a single item, they will induce a spiritual atmosphere in any room.

Set of three Swinging Dolphin Balanced Sculptures

Glass Dolphin Figurine

Intricate Glass Dolphin Figurine

Would you believe these are all under $20?? So pretty and affordable.

The last item I have to suggest is only slightly more expensive, at just over $30 but it is a genuine gold plated Swarovski Crystal Music Box – a real bargain at this price!

Dolphin 24k Gold Plated Swarovski Crystal Music Box

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