The Perfect Aluminum Patio Fire Pit Seating Set

Summer is near and many of us are thinking about revamping our backyard. Landscaping is a great way to add curb appeal and many homes have fabulously designed yards with paving patterns, sculptures, water features, special lighting and of course, shrubbery to match. Having the best landscaper design your backyard is important, but alas, it’s not enough. Garden furniture is next and it’s just as important as any other element.

When budgeting for a new project, don’t forget to factor in garden furniture and garden decor elements. You don’t have to add them all at once but just visualize where you want what and plan ahead. When buying furniture for outdoor use you need to invest in pieces that can weather the elements and stay fresh and stylish for years to come and today I’d like to suggest just such a set.

Now, this fantastic outdoor seating set is nothing but inexpensive. The price tag is in four figures and not on the low range of those. However, it’s one that will let you host in style. A LOT of style. Allowing up to seven people extremely comfortable seating with an amazing centerpiece a gorgeous large table with its own firepit in the middle.

elegant outdoor furniture

This luxury set by Avondale is made of thick welded rust-resistant aluminum frames that are practical as much as they are beautiful. The design offers classic round shapes for safety and aesthetic value and the cushions are first-grade Sunbrella cushions, made to last for many years looking fresh and inviting.

For sheer comfort, guests can gather around the fire in their choice of lavish seating space, on the sofa, the double love seat, the club chair or the pretty awesome rocking chair! Just look at the attention to detail and the quality –

outdoor couch

And then there’s the table.

I am in love with this table and how decorative it is. Such wonderful workmanship went into making this metal table, your guests will fall head over heels over it, guaranteed. It’s so practical too, as the firepit part can be covered allowing you to make the most of the table top space for serving dishes on a crisp summer morning. Come evening time, uncover the pit and light it up for extravagant outdoor entertaining.

outdoor couch and table

It doesn’t get more amazing than this set. Not cheap but affordable if you consider the long-term enjoyment your family will be getting from this set. I think it’s pretty amazing that this is available on Amazon, with their great service too.

Click to check it out on Amazon and see if this is an investment you can make for your backyard.

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