7 Design Elements That Will Make Your Taupe-Themed Room Stunning

The color Taupe is neutral without being too cold or too warm. This midpoint between grey and brown is harmonious and allows a meditative frame of mind. The many tonal variations of taupe allow it to compliment a wide variety of decor choices including silver colored metals, and it looks especially good with natural fibers and materials.

In a Taupe colored room, you need layers of texture for contrast. An embroidered bedspread is set off by satiny pillows. Rough flag stone and sheer drapes allow two taupe colored design elements to contrast, while complimenting each other.

Decor choices that blend harmoniously with Taupe include:

1. Paint that is pure white.

The best background for your taupe furniture, curtains and other major elements is pure white. Avoid creams or pastels. It’s that clean white that will make your taupe items stand out.

2. Wood that is stained dark

Along with a white background add a layer of darker items. Natural wood that is dark stained offers a way to bring in a darker touch while still staying in theme with the neutral and natural message of taupe. The type of furniture changes according to the room you’re working on – this gorgeous Ashley Rafferty Round Cocktail Table would look great in a taupe-themed living room –

Ashley Rafferty Round Cocktail Table

3. Textured bed covers possibly with purple undertones.

If you’re focusing on a bedroom for your interior decor project, the linens is always important. It can form an actual focal point or just add to a relaxed and peaceful ambience. Choose taupe for your bed linen but don’t go with solids. Instead, opt for patterns, possibly with purple or plum undertones, like this beautiful set that’s available on Amazon


4. Incorporate clear glass elements.

Transparent glass is a great material to use along with taupe because it provides a different texture without introducing additional – and potentially conflicting – colors. Used glass in items such as vases, lamp bases, and knobs. These beautiful round glass knobs have a “natural” look to them with the bubbles inside and would work well in a taupe room –

glass bubble knobs


5. Use elements such as stones that contain blue or grey streaks for a natural look with a different texture. This natural stone bowl, for example, is fascinating to look at and would add interest without distracting from your taupe focal points.

stone bowl

6. Use decorative elements in metals with a silver hue. I found this amazing cast iron branch-shaped hook over at Amazon and it’s simply perfect for introducing the metal “texture” while keeping in theme with the natural atmosphere.


7. brown and grey decor items, especially when combined. Taupe is essentially a light version of a mix of brown and grey. If you can find decorative items that combine the two, you’ll be complementing the base color theme. These stunning art deco vases would look great in a taupe-themed room –


For a relaxed design there’s no need to add too many colors or textures. Less is more as long as you keep things layered and with enough detail to catch the eye. However, if you want to add a splash of drama, that’s fine too. Go for accents of red, green, or purple and consider using removable items such as pillows which allow you to match the level of said drama to your mood.

And finally, a quick note about decor choices that do not go well with taupe include anything that contains yellow, such as: paint or porcelain that is buttery or creamy colored; woods that are golden colored, like oak and unfinished pine; linens that are yellow hued; leathers that are tan or buckskin colored; stones or carpets that contain beige; accessories that have yellow undertones, like brass and copper, or anything sand toned.

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