A Classic Embroidered Floral Organza Table Runner

I love needlecraft and create my own projects occasionally. I used to cross-stitch but now I focus on free-form embroidery, inspired by some of the amazing projects shared on Pinterest. I can appreciate a nice embroidered piece and I love having it as a decorative element around my home. I can also tell you the chances of me embroidering an entire table runner are slim to none. It is simply too much work.

Fortunately, there are quality embroidered table covers you can buy and they can be surprisingly affordable. Take this one, for instance –


Its distinct style will turn an old massive wooden table like the one in the picture into a lavish piece of art with tons of Euro chic. You don’t have to shoot for the “heavy” old-country look though. Think creatively and use this runner with a more modern looking table for a mix-and-match look. It is lacey enough to carry its weight on any item, really. The embroidery is in the form of beautiful darg-red/burgundy flowers, stitched on round “windows” of sheer translucent organza material.


The lace is gold-colored and the manufacturer guarantees that washing won’t hurt the delicate design but may even help mellow the glossy look into a more old-fashioned worn look, in the positive sense of the term.

They also offer various sizes and even though this is on Amazon, they offer to make a custom-made runner with the size of your choice.


Click to read more about these beautiful runners and order your own.


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