A large persian-style red rug spells out: Affluence

Rugs can make a difference in the styling of any room in your home. For your foyer or entrance room, you want to go with a rug that makes a statement. Fortunately, modern technology has created rugs that look as good as the ones the ancient kings of Persia had in their palaces, at a much more affordable price. This beautiful classic red rug by Patterson, for example. Click through to see on Amazon and I do believe the price will take you by surprise.

oriental rug

The traditional Persian medallion design is woven into a largeĀ 8 feet 2 inches by 9 feet 10 inches rectangle, providing the eye with an intricate pattern on a royal red background. This rich-looking item can easily be the design focal-point in a room but would be better served being complemented by one or two more large elements. In this picture the red carpet is nicely echoed by the huge red painting hanging over the staircase, and again in the red chair. You may consider adding an antique large mirror that could reflect the carpet itself as well.

Remember, you can balance such a large item either with a similarly large one, or with a combination of several smaller ones, arranged in a way which counters its presence in the room.

However you choose to arrange it, it is certainly a central piece by its own merit. I can personally attest as to how memorable it is. My grandparents used to have a persian-style rug, very similar to this one, in their living room. I fondly remember lying on it for hours at a time, following the intricate patterns. It definitely has meditative qualities, in that sense.91Xvg5O-P9L._SL1500_

This rug can make similar memories for your children or grandchildren too. It’s durable, easy to clean and as practical as it is beautiful.

Check it out on Amazon here.91s1+voGhCL._SL1500_

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