A purple touch for the bedroom on a budget

As you know, my favorite budget-conscious touch-ups are using textiles, more specifically, pillows, throws and beddings. Taking a look at a lovely product today, which I came across on Amazon.

It’s a beautiful set of an understated floral pattern in white on purple. I liked it because I love floral themes yet so often they add way too much “noise” and clutter to the bedroom. Some designs really do go overboard with flowers. Purple is also one of my favorite colors and while I love the darker more intense shades of purple, the thought of combining them with floral patterns was a bit daunting.

Enter this new find –purple bed covers

I love it because it manages to combine a bold floral statement with a magnificent shade of purple with the end result being a calm and relaxing bed cover. The flowers are large but that’s actually good because the overall pattern is simple enough.

It’s a quality set with a great price too, for 100% cotton sheets. The comforter and shams are polyester though and overall it looks like a practical combination. I also like that it comes in its own bag, so you have everything needed to make up a bed with style, all in one place. Perfect for the guest room, or for any bedroom, really.

Here’s a closer look at the pattern. Isn’t it just beautiful? 91ORK4FICiL._SL1500_

As always, I’m happy to say this set is available on Amazon with their awesome level of service. Check it out and see if this could work for a splash of color and classic pattern fun in your bedroom.

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