A simple wooden bamboo set for a clean bathroom look

A basic rule for bathroom decor is: Keep it clean. That means keeping things simple, uniform and clutter-free. A good set of bathroom accessories can do just that by unifying the various items into one look. And with this awesome bamboo bathroom set you achieve a clean simple no-frills look that’s perfect for creating a peaceful bathroom experience –


I love the natural look of wood – in this case bamboo – and the way it’s combined here with a sleek modern style that makes it look like it was taken out of a Frank Lloyd Wright’s bathroom. This set contains –

  • A soap pump dispenser. 
  • A cotton ball/Q-Tip box with a lid.
  • A toothbrush holder.
  • A waste bin measuring 8″ by 8″ by 11.75″.
  • One tray to rule them all!

If you visit the product page on Amazon and scroll down, you’ll find even more matching accessories. Combine these with white cotton towels and white tiles for a heavenly calm bathroom. Throw in a live green bamboo plant for good measure and you have yourself a home spa!

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