A soccer ball lamp for kids that love the game

When decorating a kid’s room it’s important to stay tuned to his or her hobbies and passions. Not every kid is a sports aficionado but for those who are there is usually a specific type of sports that they love. Almost always, it’s a competitive line of sports such as basketballs, football or basketball. For some kids, it happens to be soccer. Not as popular in the United States as other games are but that only makes the fans more passionate about it.

If you’re a soccer Dad or Mom, adding a touch of your kid’s favorite game into his or her room design is a great way to show your kid just how much you know and appreciate his or her unique avocation. No need to go overboard, a simple touch like this soccer ball lamp will do the trick –


It’s black and white and comes in a classic shape which means it won’t clash with your room design theme. It’s also very distinctively about soccer! Win-win! Or rather… goallll!!!!!

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