A splendid aqua-blue vinyl ottoman Set

Some items are just too good to skip, and this is definitely such an item. This sleek set of blue ottomans makes its own design statement –
Vinyl is a unique material which givesĀ a sleek touch to any room. Its glistening polished look makes it look like leather but it is entirely synthetic. This polymer is associated – in terms of design – with the 50’s and 60’s, the era of vinyl records and vinyl furniture too.
Any piece of furniture made with that material lends a modern touch to a room. Take good care of it by cleaning immediately with a gentle soap and some water if spills occur and lightly dust in between and you should be able to enjoy that glistening look for years.
I love this ottoman because it combines the material and shape so well. The sleek vinyl lends itself very well to the angled look of this piece, as it’s sewn on with attention to detail. It’s practical too, as every ottoman is. A piece that lets you put your feet up AND provides great storage room is welcome in every room. This one offers a two-in-one combo with a smaller ottoman in the larger one. You can have the smaller one out permanently and use the larger for storing living-room items, or you can store the small one inside the larger, pulling it out when extra person wants to put his or her feet up.
blue ottoman
If this aqua with dark espresson feet design works well with your living room, you can read more about it here and order from Amazon.



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