Angel Decor: An Angel In Your Corner

Do you love angel decor as a theme? Well, here’s an easy way to add grandeur to your house, rococo- style and bring in the spiritual comfort of having an angel, literally in your corner!

Angel decor: An angel in your corner

You can get this beautiful corner angel on Amazon at a great price!

Go for a classic look by focusing on single high-quality items. This is exactly what this gorgeous resin angel is. Its neutral color really shows off the fine details of the carving and bring a peaceful serene motif of angel decor right to your doorstep.  She is about 8 inches tall, and 5 inches across at her widest point. That’s a good size for leaving an impression without being too dominant.

How to use angel decor as a theme?

I believe in visual cues which remind us of the important things in our lives. For many, this could very well be a serene religious icon watching over a loved family member as he or she is crossing the doorway. It’s great that this can also be such a wonderful decorative element as well.

Just how much angel decor to have is a good question. For most homes, less could be more. However, if this is one of the things you are passionate about in life, going for this theme is something you can use to show it.

Adding several of these corner angels, placed on various frames, mirrors and doorways will create a religious and romantic feel. Amazon offers both a left corner and a right corner version.

Don’t stick to just one type either. Amazon also has this in the same set –

angel decor

Click to see the product specs and read reviews on Amazon

You can even mix and match them with other angel decor elements. Why not  go for a more eclectic approach by mixing it up with an additional statute like this one

Angel statue

See this angel statue on Amazon

The choice is yours. The important thing here is for you to enjoy the presence of these angels, both spiritually and aesthetically.

Do you love angels? Is your home decorated with them? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section. I’d love to hear them!

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