Beach Home Decor: How to use sea stars as a unifying motif

Sea, sun, waves… Blue water and yellow sands… This is the stuff fantasy is made of and this is what makes beach home decor so attractive. Unless you happen to be a fisherman (and possibly even if you are!) the beach is probably a place of relaxation and fun for you. It makes a lot of sense that you’d want to bring that feeling into your home too.

Here’s a tip for your beach home decor: focus on a specific sub-theme.

Rather than go crazy with all kinds of items that are somehow related to your coastal experiences, focus on a specific motif, topic, period or material. Avoid a mishmash of a fisherman’s net on one wall, a caribbean shell souvenir on one shelf and an Hawaiian dancing doll on another. Instead focus on a motif that becomes a recurrent sub-theme in your design, creating a sense of harmony.

Today, I’ll show you how you can do that with something as simple as sea stars!

Sea stars are also known as starfish to some people. Only they’re not fish, they are actually marine invertebrates. They’re more like sea cucumbers and sea dollars than fish. But we’re not here for a biology class now, are we?

Sea stars can be a great sub-theme for your beach home decor because they –

  • are distinctly related to the sea and to beaches.
  • have a unique shape that is easy to recognize.
  • can come in many colors and really, they’re just very pretty.

Decor items that feature sea stars

Let’s dive right in (yes, that’s a pun!) and review three sea star items you can use for your beach home decor. Note that these items are first and foremost beach-themed. They are embellished with sea stars but sea stars are there to help establish a coastal theme, not to be the theme in their own right.

Sandy beaches wall art

Beach Home Decor: How to use sea stars to bring your design together

The white sand and turquoise sea and blue sky. What else can you ask for? A sea star prominently on display, of course!

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Beach Home Decor Welcome Sign

Beach Home Decor: How to use sea stars to bring your design together

Welcome your friends and yourself into your home with this beach-themed sign. It has it everything: wooden boards, beautiful cream and blue colors and coastal motifs. Including a sea star, of course!

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The Beach Is My Happy Place – Plank Board Sign

Beach Home Decor: How to use sea stars to bring your design together

Plank board is a traditional material for beach home decor because it reminds us of driftwood. This is just what this board is going for, with its distressed finish. Classic coastal blues and a clear message wrap it up: The beach is my happy place!. And to go along with the rest of your themed items, this one too had a sea star!

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A postcard from the beach pillow

Beach Home Decor: How to use sea stars to bring your design together

Memories from Cape Cod pillow here, with a beautiful silhouette of a sea star, some text and even the post office stamp.

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Sea star glasses

Beach Home Decor: How to use sea stars to bring your design together

Get the beach theme into your kitchen, complete with sea stars! One blue star for each of these unique nautical glasses. Perfect for rum or juice – or both!

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There you go!

An easy peasy way to go beyond beach home decor and create a unified theme all your own !

So, what do you think about these sea starred items? Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below.

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