“Beam me up to the shower” Star Trek Transporter Set

I haven’t watched Star Trek in ages but as a geek-at-heart I couldn’t help but squeal with joy when I saw these unique StarTrek shower curtain and bath mat on Amazon!61K6cxgtGhL._SL1005_

It’s absolutely the best gift for your geeky friends or your geeky self. It’s the kind of set that would have stopped Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory in his tracks were he to walk into your bathroom (ok, I know that’s not likely to happen but it’s an interesting thought).

It’s not just kids and teenagers who would love this. Adults who watched the series (and who hasn’t) are likely to get a chuckle of this. I love incorporating humor in home decor. If your guest bathroom has a shower, I would put it there. It’s bound to generate some conversation and it does bring out the light side in you (yes, I know! Light/dark side references are from Star Wars and not Star Trek but I just couldn’t resist it).

It’s officially-license Star Trek merchandise and you can tell the manufacturer has a light humorous side to them as well as they say this set includes: “Shower curtain, 12 shower rings, bath mat, and Heisenberg compensator (although we’re uncertain about that last component)”. Gotta love it when you can order a Heisenberg compensator from Amazon!  61P+Z3uCYQL._SL1005_

Make sure your next entry into the bath is going to take you to another planet altogether! Check out this item on Amazon to order.


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