Mikasa: Beauty Shining Through This Blossom Vase

The grandeur of good quality crystal is undeniable. Crystal items are great as part of a collection or on their own and this Blossom crystal vase by Mikasa is no exception.

It would be a wonderful addition to a collection, so if you’re looking for a gift for a crystal collector, look no further! At the same time, it’s a graceful piece in its own right. An alluring decorative item that can be used in any setting, from a classic Victorian room to a modern airy kitchen. Isn’t it amazing that such a piece is now available on Amazon?

Celebration by Mikasa Blossom Vase

Mikasa is a leader in dinnerware and crystal stemware design so even though this vase is not cheap, in this case you absolutely get what you pay for. It’s a piece that will stay on as a family heirloom for generations to come and given proper care will add a touch of affluence to your living room, dining area or any room in your home.

I really appreciate the combination of this being a Mikasa signature crystal piece – hard to beat in terms of sheer quality and sense of opulence – yet is a simple enough design not to overwhelm the senses. It creates an ambience that spells out: Good taste, without overstating. It would be perfect in both lavish victorian rooms as well as in sleek contemporary settings.

What should you put in a mikasa Vase?

Actually, you don’t have to put anything in it!

If you present it as part of a collection then you should definitely let it speak out in its own right. There will be competition enough from nearby items even without any floral contents.

On its own, this vase conveys a sense of elegance that goes well with majestic flowers such as tulips, perhaps special tulips in a hue that matches your room color scheme for a rich and almost extravagant effect.

Photos and user reviews are available on the Amazon listing so check it out now and order your own timeless crystal vase.

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