Crazy and Fun Curtains for the Children’s Room

I love fabrics.

Adding fabrics to any room decor helps bring in a sense of softness and warmth. There are many ways to introduce fabrics into a room, starting with carpets and rugs, through soft furniture and furniture covers and even in smaller items such as decorative pillows, lamps or artwork.

The windows are one of the more natural places where you may easily, and affordable, incorporate fabrics into your interior design palette of materials. While you could find window treatments made of bamboo, and even glass or metal, the vast majority of window treatments are still made of fabric.

Let’s take a look at how curtains and draperies can help you transform a children’s room into their own magical kingdom with something as simple to install and affordable to buy, as a special curtain. Here are some tips to keep in mind –

  • Safety first – where necessary, make sure windows are barred in some way to prevent kids from climbing out and possibly falling out. Another good reason why you might want to cover the window with a decorative element!
  • Make sure the curtains are easy to manipulate. With kids, you will want an easy way to draw them shut for night time or midday naps, and to have them wide open at waking hours. As a parent, you probably won’t have the time to mess with any fancy knots or hooks at these hours.
  • With toddlers, you may want to avoid curtains that go all the way to the floor, as they may tug them or even trip over them when trying to walk around the room.
  • Opt for fabrics that are stain resistant and/or can be easily washed. Or…
  • Think beyond stains and simply save the pricey stuff for later. Kids can get the odd craving for cutting up fabric, for whatever purpose, so don’t become too emotionally attached to your drapery and focus on affordable window treatments.
  • Go a little crazy with designs. This is the kids room, after all, and these curtains are for the now, not forever. They’re a great decor element for creating any themed room, or just going crazy with bold color statements. Let them liven up the room, and let your kids have fun with their favorite themes.

Here are some examples to get you inspired. (feel free to click through to the product page on –

These Fire Fend curtains are designed with safety in mind. They’re made in the USA, of an Innovative Flame-Retardant material. This high-tech curtain’s thermal coating is also said to have very good insulating qualities:

The Firefend curtain is available in a multitude of bold colors, perfect for kids room decor, as well as some nice child-oriented patterns. You can see the various colors and patterns here.

On to more fanciful alternatives, these cute pink Betty Boop curtains can be great for a girl’s room, and can actually carry through to her teenage years as well.

The Betty Boop Drapes – with or without a valance.

Another option, perhaps for younger girls –

The Disney Princesses dreams (literally!)

One more for the girls – the kind of romantic colorful statement only a young girl can make –

Clicking on the image, will take you to the page of the matching Valance you see in this picture. For the drapes themselves, click here.

And for the boys (mostly, racing fans can be of any gender), I have this unique valance that will “wake up” any curtain –

For interesting drapes, how about these –

The Transformers drapes, transforming your window into pure fun for kids!

For the brave at heart (parents too), if you don’t mind spiders covering your drapes, these are the perfect drapes for a Spiderman-themed room

And last one, bold geometric pattern, unusual colors, these drapes with the X Games logo can add visual stimulation to the room of any kid or teenager.

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