How to bring color into your kid’s room on a budget

Is your toddler showing a clear preference for a particular color? Most kids do, and nothing makes them happier then a room that’s themed to reflect their favorite color. It can be surprising just how persistent the little ones can be when it comes to picking their color. You’d think that with a young one this would be short-lived fad, yet quite the opposite is true. Kids tend to stick to “their color” for years to come, so it’s well worth investing in a color-themed decor that will make them feel that their room is truly “their own”.

We’re going to cover this topic in the coming few weeks. The plan is to pick up a color at a time and show you how you can create a beautifully color-themed room on a budget that will make your color fanatic happy. First things first though – some basic rules and suggestions.

1 – Kids grow up fast (faster than we’d like to admit!) and their needs may change. Don’t invest a huge amount of money in an item that’s likely to be tossed away as “childish” within a couple of year.

2 – You can “overdo” color. The younger the kid, the more likely is he or she to prefer a strong colorful statement, but as they grow old and social conventions settle in, expect them to prefer a more understated overall design.

3 – Colors can influence us. Even if your little boy loved red, you may want to avoid creating a bright red room for him. Red is a very vibrant and upbeat color. It’s great when you want to get a kid alert and upbeat, but not so useful when your boy needs to wind down and get to sleep. Keep strong colors such as red to specific accents and the rest of the room neutral.

4 – Rooms can change their designation. Today’s nursery may be tomorrow’s office room as the baby moves on to a children’t room on a different floor altogether. It’s best if you keep the basic elements of the room: walls, doors and windows, neutral in color.

5 – Invest in long-term basics in neutral shades for furniture as well. Wood is a classic, as are white and beige. Make sure expensive furniture is neutral in color, or otherwise can easily be painted to a different shade.

With that in mind, here are some suggestions for the basics. These are all elements you want to keep neutral, peaceful and open to accepting any kind of colorful decor items as you “dress them up” according to your kid’s color preference. These would all make wonderful choices for plain neutral basics. We’ll discuss “dressing them up” in various colors in future posts.

Neutral-Colored Bedroom Furniture Sets For Your Kid’s Bedroom:

Whatever your budget, a bedroom set which includes the bed, night stand and a dresser is a sound investment. Choosing a neutral tone can pay off with years of use as your kid turns from toddler to teenager.

Here are a few popular sets from Amazon. Yup. Amazon. They deliver these (some for free) to your doorstep and those prices are unbeatable. With Amazon’s top-notch customer service, you literally have nothing to lose here!

This set in white is a basic yet practical option. The display shows you exactly how you can build a color-themed design around it, but for now, focus on the simple minimalist lines and the neutral cool white. The price is pretty amazing too. Click here to for full specs & pricing.

Another great option in a similar price range is this set includes a nightstand, twin bookcase headboard, and a twin storage bed. Again, note how the color scheme is all around the furniture as they retain their neutral white coloring.

Check the details and pricing here.


You don’t have to choose white though. This handsome set up in dark cherry finish is a great example of a kids’ bedroom set. Click through for the product page.

Lots more options for a nice neutral start for decorating your kid’s room. Next time, we’ll start discussing some COLOR!








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