11 ideas for a beautiful blue-themed kids room

In part one of this series we’ve covered some of the basic principles of decorating a kid’s room and why it’s best to invest in expensive neutral furniture and then add colorful accents.


Today we’re going to talk about creating a blue-themed room using accents only. Remember, the idea is to keep the expensive basics – floor, walls, furniture –  are kept in neutral shades, such as white or a light-colored wood. The idea is to allow flexibility here, so the room can be blue-themed this year and green, yellow or purple-themed a couple of years down the road without breaking the bank. Here are some cool items to mix and match and get a relaxing thoughtful blue-themed bedroom for a young boy or girl.

Start off with a nice large splash of blue on the room’s floor. You can go with a solid blue rug like this one (Amazon Link) –

blue rugFor a more sophisticated look, possibly for an older kid, you could go with this marine-themed starfish rug (Amazon Link) –


From the bottom to the top, a blue lampshade can wonderfully add a touch of blue color up where you raise your head (Amazon Link):
blue lampshade for kid's room

The bed can be a focal point of color and texture once you cover it with the right bedspread such as this blue-themed quilt (Amazon Link) –

blue bedspread quilt

Pillows provide a great way to add accents to any room, bedrooms not excluded (Amazon Link) –

blue pillowFor a more relaxed look, so suitable for a kid’s room, opt for affordable bean bags and poufs for the seating arrangements. Here’s a lovely neon blue bean bag that will make any kid happy (Amazon Link) –

blue bean bagWhy not mix and match with a knitted pouf of a more relaxed shade of blue? (Amazon Link) –
blue pouf

Finally, a few more accents and decor items, for those blue repercussions all over the room.

Blue fabric storage boxes (Amazon Link) –

blue fabric storage boxes

Blue agate bookends, for some spiritual energy (Amazon Link) –

agate blue bookends


A swarm of blue butterflies wall stickers (Amazon Link) –

wall butterflies in blue





And finally, for the right age group, a giant blue teddy bear to tie it all together (Amazon Link) –

giant blue teddy bear

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