Tips And Ideas For Decorating With Stamping Art

The art of stamping has been improving the look of people’s homes for hundreds and even thousands of years. It allows you to create a consistent design over a large area. Whether you use the same colors to create an identical repeating image, or whether you use a different color each time, your pattern will look cohesive if you use a stamp.

Stamps can be made from many materials, including natural latex, wood, and potatoes.
The easiest do-it-yourself stamp is made from a potato, cut open to expose a flat surface. After drawing the design on the flat surface of the potato, use a craft knife to cut away any area you don’t want to show up in your image. The remaining material should form the shape of your flat image of choice. Dab that surface in ink or paint, and you have a stamp that is reusable and biodegradable.

Now you are ready to personalize your home decor. Create border designs on floors, along the perimeter of ceilings, the backs of chairs, the perimeter of tables, the tops of walls, and fabric for curtains, bedspreads, pillow covers, furniture slip covers, and anyplace you’d like to create beautiful designs. If you use the same ones on the furniture, curtains, bedspread, the tops of the walls, and the perimeter of the floor, you create harmonious room decor.

You’re not a Mr. Potato kind of person? No problem. To be honest, unless you’re very gifted in the ancient lost art of potato carving, you probably will have a difficult time coming up with anything too pretty. Fortunately, you can actually buy very nice stamps that will look much better. Here are three gorgeous wooden stamps in intricate designs  by Inkadinkado (no way can these work with a potato!). What I like about these is that each one is beautiful in its own right and together they can actually create a set. Mix and match them for an elegant look bringing together your home decor with lovely intricate details –

The flourished fall tree wooden stamp by Inkadinkado:


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The elegant butterfly stamp by Inkadinkado:

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And finally, the hummingbird wood stamp, also by Inkadinkado

(I love saying their name, so why not repeat it several times 😉 ) –birdstampdecor

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